These tools are used in deep hole drilling machines with BTA connection. Hydraulic cylinders and tubes are processed with CX-R type skiving tools and DX-BTA type roller burnishing tools in two separate operations. In first operation, CX-R tool skive the cylinder; in the second operation, DX-BTA tool burnish the surface.

The tools are retracted after process and rapidly pullback without damaging the surface.

Depending upon cylinder, H7 - H8 diameter allowance and surface quality of Rz< 1 µm (Ra<0,16 µm) are obtained as a result of process.

Short process time provides time savings. Tools have precise diameter adjustment. Spare parts can be change easily. The skiving tool's inserts can be change without disassemble the knives. The tools can be connected to the machine and removed from the machine quickly.

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