YAMASA RXS tools burnish spherical surfaces, contours, cylindrical surfaces with connecting radius up to the flat surface, groove flanks, tapered and flat surfaces.

• Process is done in one pass after pre-machining.

• Provide surface hardness and at low rate

Tool Structure

 Tools consist of a connecting shank, precision body, roller head and a dial indicator which shows rolling force.

 Dial indicator is IP67 protected, has a waterproof-shockproof structure.

 Square, cylindrical or VDI shanks are available.

Technical Features and Advantages

• Burnishing different sizes with same tool.

• Used on CNC and Universal lathe machines.

• Tool design allows either right or left hand operation.

• Don't require settings and when the tool is fixed to the machine, it is ready to use.

• Roller burnishing force is adjustable, so it is possible to achieve high quality and standard roughness values.

• Spring system apply rolling force consistently. So it provides high quality and standard work flow.

• Shoulders and other edges is possible up to the end.

• Burnishing all kinds of metallic materials up to the tensile strength of 1400N/mm² and to the hardness 45 HRC.

• Easy to change the spare parts.

• Short process time.

• Needs min. lubrication (oil or emulsion).

• No sawdust.



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