YAMASA MXM type machines are used for the aim of burnishing the cylindrical stepped and plain shafts. The machine provides as well as surface hardness and low rate calibration (measurement accuracy) beside of burnishing. Because of the high processing power and speed ability, it provides time saving. These are the preference causes for the serial production.

Desing And Function

MXM Roller Burnishing Machines are capable to process any kind of diameter between Ø3-Ø40 mm by changing the roller heads. One roller head is used for each nominal diameter. Each roller head has an adjustment capacity of 0,5 mm. The nominal diameter of the roller head can be adjusted with the tolerance between -0,40 and +0,10.

Technical Features

YAMASA MXM roller burnishing machines can process the cylindrical shafts up to H8 tolerances with a single adjustment. These machines are capable to process all kinds of metallic materials with 1400 N/mm2 tensile strength and hardness up to max. 42-45 HRC. Super finish surfaces up to Ra= 0,02 µm can be obtained.

With MXM Type burnishing machines, part feeding and tolerance adjustment can be done automatically. The machine takes the workpiece and then removes out after the burnishing process is completed. The machine has full automatic specifications. It is capable to achieve a rapid production in order to the automatic feeding system. It can be integrated to each production line for every kind of serial production. As well as automatic loading system can be integrated.


• It is capable to achieve a rapid and serial production.

• Saves  time, money and energy.

• The roller heads can be replaced easily and rapidly.

• A precision and fast adjustment can be done through the adjustment mechanism.

• No sawdust and residues occur.

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