Modern and new machine technology for high quality surfaces

  • YAMASA MXM multi series roller burnishing machines are used for fine machining piston rods, shafts etc. up to a length of  6000 mm.
  • The machine has a separate feed for linear and rotary movements.
  • During the process the piston rod is stationary and the burnishing mechanism revolve around the workpiece.
  • Newly developed burnishing mechanism with a spring relieve system can account for difference in diameter, therefore enabling the machine to optimally adjust to the workpiece surface.
  • Through this system the radial burnishing force remains equal at all times and provides a stable process and a consistently good result.
  • MXM multi series roller burnishing mechanizm are capable to adjust any kind of diameter.
  • Exellent surface quality in one pass (Rz < 1 µm / Ra < 0,2 µm).
  • It is capable to achieve a rapid and serial production.
  • Saves  time, money and energy.
  • No sawdust and residues occur.


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