YAMASA Skive-Roller Burnishing Technology provides to you many advantages;

You will save from wear parts!

  • Long life wear parts will decrease your consumption drastically!
  • The Money you spend for wear parts decrease drastically!
  • Replacements are easy, anyone can do it, no need any professionalism.

You will save time!

  • Diameter adjustment with indicator provide time saving and convenience..
  • High Cutting performance minimize the machining time.
  • The replacement of spare parts with longer periods shorten the machine down time.
  • Minimized replacement duration privides time savings.

You will produce high quality tubes in every conditions!!!

  • It will produce quality tubes by eliminating rippling and axis alignment errors which source from machine.
  • Exellent surface quality in one pass (Rz < 1 µm / Ra < 0,1 µm).
  • Provides improved cylindrical forms by reducing the circularity till 0,01 mm.
  • Reduce rippling or remove completelly.
  • It can produce the tubes in large irregularities in one operation.
  • High cutting depth offers a possibility of machining  hot rolled tubes  in one pass.

Your production cost wil be decrease drastically!

  • When YAMASA CEO new generation Combined Skive-Burnishing Tools are began to used wear part needs and cost reduction immediately are noticed.
  • Decrease in machine downtime and operation, increase in  production amount affect production costs positively.
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