CEOS  Combined Tools  Developed System

YAMASA CEOS new generation combined skive-burnishing tools offer many innovations. CEOS offers high performance and eliminate many problems experienced with the customary tools. YAMASA CEOS is a competitive tools which reduce the production cocts extremely.

  • Minimized process time (Vc=300 m/min, Feeding=up to 5mm/rev)
  • Cutting depth up to 3 mm in diameter, high cutting performance
  • Pneumatic and hydraulic control  with integrated switch System
  • Excellent oil flow design, maximum coolant.
  • Improved knife mechanism, eliminate the scratch problems after retract
  • H7 tolerance, 0,01 mm circular shape and minimized longitudinal wavyness with improved skiving technology
  • Avoidance or reduction of rippling
  • Excellent knive system which machine irregular holes in one pass...
  • Simple and quick replacement of the spare parts! minimum waste of time!

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