• It decreases notch effect of dynamically operating work pieces; through increasing fatigue strength, it is the most effective way to prevent cracks and fractures.
  • The constant durability of work pieces having been processed in deep rolling increases at a rate of 400%.
  • During cold-working process, deep rolling is the single metal processing method that achieves high surface quality by polishing the surface of work piece and provides remnant compression stress at the same time.
  • Cold-working realized with deep rolling increases surface hardness and eliminate all micro notches and burrs through polishing, makes the corrosion difficult.
  • During processes other than deep rolling, micro notches and burrs remained on the work pieces may always cause tensile and depreciation fractures. In addition, the processes such as throwing ball cause notch on the surface and increases surface roughness. For this reason, the surface needs to be grinded during the second operation. Deep rolling removes the need of other time-consuming processes such as grinding which is used for elimination of notches and burrs.
  • Deep rolling can be realized at a single calibration just after turning operation.
  • Deep rolling is the most advanced and economical way among other systems to increase fatigue strengths and polish surfaces.
  • It is the most reliable processing method among the others known so far.
  • It is very useful with its miniature tools which are suitable for all machines.
  • It provides savings from the material used in work piece and its weight.
  • It provides saving from heat treatment.
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