YAMASA DX Type burnishing tools can process the various diameters in order to the adjustability specification.For example: DX1.2-025,00-1-50-MK2 type burnishing tool having a nominal size of Ø25,00 mm is capable to process all sizes between Ø24,90 mm and Ø25,90 mm. 

YAMASA, DX type tools are produced in special diameters and sizes upon request. In addition, the tools with the special rolling length can also be produced.

You can use the information above to select the proper tool. If you want to take help for the tool selection, you can fill out the tool option form and send to us or to one of the related zone representation. So we can do the proper tool selection for you.



1.Cone  2.Roller  3.Cage  4.Housing Nut  5.Thrust Ring  6.Spring  7.Thrust Ring  8.Ball Bearing  9.Housing  10.Adjustment Gear    12.Adjustment Nut Lock  13.Shank  14.Screw  15.Cage Sleeve

Tool Selection

1-Tool Body Selection

At sight to the table, select the body number proper to the tool diameter. 

2-Diameter Selection

Define the diameter accurately which you will process (for  example 25,40 ...).

3-Process Type Selection

Select the process type according to machine and workpiece.

1: Automatic feeding (self-feeding) for through holes

2: Machine feeding (not self-feeding) for through holes

3: Machine feeding (not self-feeding) for blind holes

4- Rolling Length Selection

Define the rolling length which is proper for the workpiece 

  • It doesn’t need to be stated for bigger than Ø34 mm diameter because they have an unlimited rolling length but it must be stated smaller than Ø35 mm diameter.
  • Standard rolling length is 50 mm for smaller than Ø35. For these diameters other rolling length options are 100, 150, 200, 250, 300 mm.
  • For the diameters of smaller than Ø35 more longer rolling length demands will be considered specifically.

5- Tool Shank Selection 

Prefer proper shank to your machine.

MK    : Morse Taper Shank

ZS      : Cylindrical Shank

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